About Us

In 2019, we came together as a family and decided we wanted to open a business. After long talks and research we agreed to go with a tanning salon. We have always loved tanning, whether it was a day at the beach, laying out at home or, since we live in Wisconsin, tanning in a bed 8-9 months out of the year. A tanning salon just seemed like the best fit for our family. Our vision for the future is to grow, expand, and bring our love of tanning to Sheboygan County. Thank you for choosing our tanning salon and we can't wait to see you!

About The salon

Tanning, as an industry, is regulated by the government. Exposure times for every tanning session are established by a pre-set exposure schedule that takes into account a tanner’s skin type and intensity of the tanning equipment. This schedule, regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), also considers how long an individual has been tanning, increasing exposure times gradually to minimize the possibility of burningWe call this “smart tanning”. We as a team will work with you to help you understand how your skin type will react to sunlight and how to avoid sunburn, both indoors and out.

This kind of exposure control is impossible outdoors, where variables such as seasonal, time of day, weather conditions, reflective surfaces, and altitude-all make outdoor tanning a random act and sunburn prevention more difficult.

By following the FDA’s prescribed exposure schedules, Beach bums helps bring you safe, regulated tanning sessions.

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