Our beds and their prices!

We HIGHLY recommend making an appointment to be sure you get in to the level you love. Make sure YOU call and cancel or reschedule your appointment if you can't make it. We Have a no call, no show policy. 

Call now to schedule today!

**Please note that you MUST be 18 years old to tan in our beds or 16 WITH PARENT SIGNATURE!**
We will check IDs (parent and child) when you first come in. If your child doesn't have a drivers license please provide something that shows their age! 

Please know that we practice safe Tanning. We will not put you in a bed for the full time if you have never been here or haven't been here in more thAn 60 days. 

Silver Level:

42 lamps at 160 watts each, body fans, and foot fans. These beds are over-sized for all over tanning as well as comfort.

Single session: $11.00

         1 Month: $79.99 


Gold Level:

50 body lamps at 160 watts each, plus 4 facial lamps at 500 watts each, and 5 shoulder lamps at 25 watts for the ultimate tanning!

Single Session: $14.00

1 Month: $89.99

Platinum Level:

Our level 4 bed has 33 body lamps at 160 watts each, 5 shoulder tanner at 25 watts each, and 12 high pressure bulbs along the top at 500 watts each. We call this our maintenance bed because you don't have to come in as often!

Single session: $16.00

1 Month: $99.99

Diamond Level:

Our Level 6 bed has 30 - 1,200 watt lamps, 4 levels of body cooling, and has 8 levels of power to control the lamps giving  you a complete 360 tanning experience. If you are looking to get your base tan fast, this is your bed! 

Single Session: $25.00

1 Month: $149.99

Red Light Therapy:

Our red light bed is good for healing skin, muscle tissue and other parts of your body. It exposes you to low levels of red or near-infrared light. Infrared light is a type of energy your eyes can't see but your body can feel as heat!

1 month unlimited: $69.99

3 months unlimited: $179.99